Imagine finding the perfect candidate
each and every time?
Local expertise plus overseas connections
guaranteeing you a better result!

The Recruitment Vision Group was founded to do business quite differently in the personnel recruitment industry. The underlying premise was simply to provide a superior quality service that was cable of providing

‘the perfect candidate fit – first time every time’

Recruitment Vision is one of the newer breed of companies, based totally on boutique quality service delivery and customer satisfaction, as such we  can guarantee to satisfy your every staffing need.

Employers need a service provider who can customise according to their location, size, job specification and specific industry needs, whilst delivering quality efficient and effective staffing solutions, no matter where the business is located.

Now while Recruitment Vision will clearly never be the biggest, we will certainly continue to prove that we are the best and that our boutique approach to working closely in partnership with our clients, which has continually demonstrated exceptional results throughout both Australia and New Zealand over the past few years, really works!

At Recruitment Vision New Zealand we really value your business and therefore we will work even harder to maintain it.

This fresh approach allows Recruitment Vision to consistently deliver the absolute right people ‘first time – every time’ by only referring those candidates that bring considered care, energy and added value to your business.

Therefore we would certainly be pleased to have the opportunity to have a quick chat with you about your companies’ needs and specific industry staffing requirements over the year ahead.

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