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At Recruitment Vision our consultants all work closely as a team, whilst still managing specific industry sectors where they have the experience and knowledge, supported by the appropriate systems to provide quality staffing solutions for sourcing quality candidates locally or when needed from off-shore, in the following sectors:

  • Building/Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Transport
  • Administration/Business Support
  • Accounting/Banking/Financial
  • Human Resources
  • Health
  • Industrial
  • Information Technology

We can facilitate a wide range of organisational development services including:

  • Complete Recruitment Services
  • Psychometric Profiling and Skills Testing
  • Productivity Profiling
  • Performance Reviews
  • Employee Engagement/Climate Surveys
  • Off shore candidate sourcing services
  • Exit Interviews
  • Career Transition and Outplacement Services

Permanent Staffing Solutions

You need to be able to trust us to identify the best candidate in the market to fill your role while you get on with running your business. Our Consultants will get a clear and precise understanding of your specific business needs and then manage the entire search and selection process; matching each specific role to a select group of carefully screened and qualified candidates.

We also understand that mistakes in selection can occur and can be very costly, so our processes are adapted according to your specific business needs including customisation of skills and psychometric testing, structured behavioural interviewing, reference checking and other specific recruitment tools, that when understood assist us significantly in delivering the best results, first time – every time’.

We are confident this will ensure you can be completely confident that any candidate referred to you by Recruitment Vision as a Permanent Employee for your business will definitely fit your businesses specific needs !

Temporary, Contract and Casual Staffing Solutions

Across the country in our specific industry segments we have hundreds of temps working at any one time. We can provide your organisation with temporary, contract or casual staff for long or short term assignments; we can supply you with just one person or with an entire workforce of quality people.

You can have absolute confidence in our ability to manage the entire employment and relationship process whilst always meeting your every requirement, likewise you can be confident we will complete all the necessary paperwork whilst keeping you fully informed at all times.

In all instances, you can be assured that all our staffing recommendations have the skills required, been reference checked with at least two previous employers and have signed full declarations regarding their health status, criminal convictions and residency status. By ensuring all our temporary staff are skills tested, we are ensuring you do not become the “training ground” for inexperienced people. With all temps provided by Recruitment Vision we cover all ACC or Workers Comp, Superannuation, Kiwi saver, sick leave, health and safety protocols and all other government entitlements no matter what the award, within Australia and/or New Zealand..

Contractor Solutions

Sometimes your increased business’s workload and/or new project can simply require additional and/or specialist expertise that are often hard to source, in these instances we may choose to also utilise other contractors to assist meet your needs. Once we have assisted you to fully scope the requirements, so that we can engage exactly the right professional each and every time.  In those instances where we may recommend the use of Contractors, you can again be assured that they have been fully reference checked and vetted as well, ensuring that they have exactly the right skill set and reputation for excellent delivery, and hold all the appropriate insurances as required.

Consulting Services

As your business partner, there may be more that we can help with other than pure recruitment services. Like getting involved in the bigger picture of any challenges in your business, like assisting clients to achieve key organisational development goals. These services have been designed to either integrate seamlessly into your own recruitment and HR practices or as supplementary to any specific need.

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